Alexander Shearer, Lei Guo, Junshu Liu, Megumi Satkowski, Robert LiKamWa
School of Arts, Media & Engineering | Arizona State University

Holostage is a prototype framework to investigate the hybrid integration of head-mounted and handheld mixed-reality devices with immersive screen-based environments. Our platform integrates three devices:

We develop software to render particle visualizations for each device, using the Unity Game Engine for the HoloLens and C++ bindings of the Vulkan Graphics API for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Our software uses the PTC Vuforia SDK to geometrically register the devices, creating a uniform coordinate system for the virtual environments. In addition to providing the ability to visualize scientific and creative data, our multi-device platform serves as a testbed to explore system limitations.



Source code:

HoloLens and Unity implementation: [Github Repo]
Android/Vulkan/Vuforia implementation: [Github Repo]